Matching Jack


Eliciting superb performances from her lead actors, Tass delivers a potent drama about human relationships and vulnerabilities. Hope, despair, anger, fear, comfort and faith are the emotions we traverse in this touching story about love and loss.

Based on true stories, Matching Jack is an amalgam of real human experiences – and that’s what drew director Nadia Tass and co-writer/producer David Parker to the story.

Passionate about Australian cinema, Barrett believes film is at its best when it puts a magnifying glass up to society. “Those stories illuminate the human condition in ways that we all need to understand and see and grow.”- Jacinda Barrett. Matching Jack is one of those stories..”

Australian director Nadia Tass navigates this material beautifully. Matching Jack paves a road of its own: it’s affirming and often funny, while never losing sight of the pain at its core.

“It reminded me of “Life Is Beautiful,” Cleary said, referring to the 1997 film in which Roberto Benigni won the Oscar for best actor as the father who tells cheerful, imaginative stories to make a Nazi concentration camp bearable for his son. “It was just a very compelling story.