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Directors Biography

Nadia Tass

After pursuing an academic career in Arts and Education, Tass began acting and later directing classical and contemporary theatre in Melbourne. She directed her first feature film, MALCOLM, in 1986.  Since then Tass has directed the Australian features RIKKY AND PETE (87), THE BIG STEAL (89), MR RELIABLE (97), AMY (98).  AMY received 23 international awards including Best Film at the Paris Film Festival (99), Grand Prix de Cinecole at Cannes Film Festival (99), Grand Prix Cannes Junior (99), Les Mureaux Grand Prix Cannes Junior (02) and the Humanitarian Award at Asia Pacific Film Festival (99).

In 2010, Tass completed the Cascade Films feature, MATCHING JACK, which is being released by Twentieth Century Fox in Australia and New Zealand in 2010.

Nadia’s work in the US includes PURE LUCK (91) for Universal Studios, THE MIRACLE WORKER (00) for Disney, CHILD STAR: THE SHIRLEY TEMPLE STORY (01) for Disney, UNDERCOVER CHRISTMAS (03) for CBS Network, SAMANTHA: AN AMERICAN GIRL HOLIDAY (04), and FELICITY: AN AMERICAN GIRL ADVENTURE (05) for Warner Bros/Revolution Studios, and CUSTODY for Jaffe Braunstein Films.  She also directed STARK (93), a mini series for The BBC/ABC television.

Between film projects, Tass continues to direct for The Melbourne Theatre Company.  In 2002/2003 she directed the musical production of THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE, which toured Australia and New Zealand.  Nadia’s work was rewarded with a nomination for BEST DIRECTION OF A MUSICAL 2003 at the prestigious Sir Robert Helpmann Awards.

Tass is currently in pre-pre-production of a feature film out of Britain.  She also has a number of feature films in development with American studios and English production companies, in addition to the slate of projects being developed through her production company Cascade Films.  Projects in development include “Gun Alley”, “Tying The Knot”, and “Bottle This!” (Nadia’s first documentary venture).  In 2010, Tass directed “The Gronholm Method” a new play by Jordi Galceron for THE RED STITCH ACTORS’ THEATRE.  The first production of this play in English.  Mid year, Tass directed “Three Women”, a new play by Elizabeth…. In London.  Tass is currently preparing the production for the West End.

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