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Thank you once again for all your kind assistance with the making of  MATCHING JACK.  It’s now very close to premiering at Melbourne International Film Festival later this month before the theatrical release on August 19th.  Then the results of your contributions will be seen and appreciated my many.

Given the importance of the subject matter at the heart of this film we believe it will provoke a lot of discussion and connections. Part of our promotional campaign is the hosting of a Facebook page that enables people to contribute to the conversation and share experiences and thoughts on the issues explored in the film.

If you are a Facebook user we invite you to go and Like our the page, make a comment, share with friends, add a link or a photo and so on.

If you are a Twitter user, then please follow us @matchingjack.

We look forward to connecting with you online and staying in touch as the film opens in cinemas and begins to touch the hearts and mind of Australians.

Thank you again,

Selina Nelson
on behalf of Nadia Tass and David Parker